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special education legal fund

Special Education Legal Fund

We interviewed Christine Lai, co-founder and executive director of the Special Education Legal Fund (S.E.L.F.), a non-profit based out of...

feeding therapy

Feeding Therapy

Today we interview Isa Marrs, a board-certified Speech-Language Pathologist who specializes in articulation,...

3 signs it’s time to request an iee

3 Signs it’s Time to Request an IEE

How do you determine whether you should request an additional evaluation or Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) for your child? The answer is...

what is pendency?

What is Pendency?

Fighting for your child’s right to an equal and fair education is important. As a parent and advocate for the appropriateness of your child’s...

navigating remote iep meetings

Navigating Remote IEP Meetings

With social distancing orders in place worldwide, the move to digital platforms has become the norm for so many today. From virtual classrooms to...

what is idea?

What is IDEA?

“People with disabilities deserve a great life - just like everyone else.” We hear this often, and it’s a statement that pulls on anyone’s...