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As a parent navigating the complicated web of decisions and testing your child with special needs will undergo to receive an education plan, it’s essential to stay focused. You’ll want to make informed and well-thought-out decisions each step of the way. Choosing doctors and specialists you can trust and who understand your child’s diagnosis is key.

If you’re just starting out, you’ve likely already heard about a few different types of evaluations and specialists you’ll need to see to begin the process. In this post, we’re focusing on some of those critical factors to consider  – beyond just standards and certifications – when choosing a Pediatric Neuropsychologist

What is a Pediatric Neuropsychologist? 

One of the crucial roles in the diagnosis process for your young child is ensuring that an evaluation by a certified clinician is conducted. Pediatric Neuropsychologists (Neuro Psychs) are specifically trained to work with kids and focus on how their learning and behaviors are related to the brain and its functions. The goal is to discover areas where they are experiencing difficulties and uncover the possible root reasons why.  It is important for this testing to be done as it is used to help distinguish your child’s needs early on. 

How to Choose a Pediatric Neuropsychologist 

If you’re making a decision on which Neuro Psych your child will see for an evaluation, you might be wondering what qualities and criteria they should possess to provide the best possible testing and outcomes. 

Here are a few of the important aspects to keep in mind when choosing a Pediatric Neuropsychologist

Are They Specialized in Pediatric Neuropsychology? 

Do your research and check credentials when you begin your search. While this is common for the process, the Neuro Psych your child sees should be specialized in this particular area of study. Pediatric neuropsychologists are licensed to work with kids and have expertise and training to recognize neurological conditions that might be present. If missed, this could delay the proper treatment recommendations or neurodiagnostic conclusion for your child.

Is There a Positive Connection?

Just like choosing any other doctor, it’s important to have a positive connection. Both you, the parent, and the child should feel comfortable and confident working with the Neuropsychologist. If you are collaborating on goals and sharing results with the rest of the team, then you’ll want someone with whom you feel comfortable speaking, who you feel understands your needs, listens, and provides value.

Are They Professional & Invested?

Communication skills and organization are also important traits to look for when choosing a   Pediatric Neuropsychologist. After testing is completed, they will create an essential report used to decide your child’s education plan. You’ll want to ensure the report serves the needs of your child and includes specific treatment suggestions. Having a Neuropsychologist on your side who shares in the urgency and importance of your child’s needs and who is willing to participate in the IEP and 504 meetings can be an excellent benefit for ensuring your child receives all the proper services and accommodations they need. 

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