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All Children Learn is a two-sided marketplace where parents connect with the appropriate schools and providers, locally.

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Top features:

  • Showcase the special needs profile you serve, including:
    1. Disability – type served
    2. Services offered
    3. Evidence-based methodologies used
  • Show up on ACL search results

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$29 USD/profile, per month

Top features:

  • All Basic Features, PLUS:
  • Add photos to your profile
  • Stand out in search results w/ increased visibility
  • Add a lead form for unlimited inquiries
  • Create a detailed description of your program and services
  • Indicate you have openings, by grade or age
  • Access SEO features to grow your business website and brand


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Top features:

  • All Premium Features, PLUS:
  • Dedicated on-boarding by ACL customer support
  • Premium Support, including priority ticketing
  • Premium Editorial Spotlights, including monthly content posts, subject matter interviews, and more! 

For pricing and more information: sales@allchildrenlearn.com


  • We know special education isn’t a one-size fits all solution. 
  • Showcase your specialty and evidence-based methodologies.  
  • Admissions can spend more time with the right students.


  • Feature your service to new customers, both locally and nationally.
  • Help people get to know you.
  • Connect with your local community.

Find the right Students

“All Children Learn is exactly what we were looking for all this time.  They are solving the problem schools have faced for decades, finding the right child for their programs.”

– Special Education Advocate

Empowering Parents

Every day parents find schools and providers that aren’t the right fit for their child.  Their fruitless search ends up wasting your time and resources as well as endlessly frustrating them as they continue searching and educating themselves on how to find what their child needs to learn.

We’re the solution to that problem.

Parents should be able to select and search for what their child needs and quickly find it.  They should be empowered to educate themselves and champion their child’s education.  

Grow your business with All Children Learn

“A platform like ACL is long-overdue. As a provider in this field, with decades of experience trying to help parents navigate this complex and disjointed system, it is crazy to me that parents and providers alike had to wait this long! Bravo ACL team!!”

– Stamford, CT (Provider)

For Colleges & Attorneys

  • Be discovered by the very targeted audience you serve
  • Showcase your specific services
  • Make an impact in the community

Colleges & Attorneys


For profiles

$199 USD/profile, per month

Top features:

  • Lead form w/ unlimited leads

  • Stand out in Search Results w/ Increased Visibility

  • Premium Profile Fields w/ Rich Media

  • Advanced SEO features to grow your business website and brand (Meta Description & unrestricted follow backlink to your website)


For 5+ profiles
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Top features:

  • Premium Profile, PLUS:
  • Dedicated on-boarding by ACL customer support 
  • Premium Support
  • Unlimited leads
  • Premium Profile Fields

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