Ten Day Notice - All Children Learn

If you are a parent who is seeking to recoup tuition reimbursement for your child’s private school placement, you will need to submit a 10 day notice ten (10) business days before you place your child, sign any contracts and/or make any payments to the private school. Basically, this very simple document puts the district on notice that you intend to unilaterally place the child in the private school and gives the district an opportunity to “right their wrongs” before you do so – gives them one last ditch effort to fix the problems on your child’s IEP – to avoid litigation and the expense of footing the private school bill. This ten day notice requirement, while simple and straightforward, could prevent a parent from recovering full tuition reimbursement if not submitted timely. Please be sure to take this requirement seriously and to contact a Special Education attorney or advocate to guide you through this process.