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Profiles of Students Served

DyslexiaAutismMental HealthADHDLearning DisabilityBehaviorSpeech and Language Impairments

Methodologies Used


Address: 463 Hawthorne Avenue, Yonkers, NY, USA

Class Information

Grades: K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Total Enrollment: 512 Students

Gender: Co-Ed

Residential / Boarding School: Yes

Day School: Yes

Student to Teacher Ratio: 12:1

State Approved: Yes

Religious Affiliation: No Affiliation

Interaction with Non-Disabled Peers: No


IQ: 0-20, 21-35, 36-49, 50-69, 70-80, 81-90, 91+

Enrollment Openings

Grade: K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Age: No Openings

School Bio

At Biondi Elementary, children with emotional disorders, learning disabilities, and other challenges who were falling behind, not receiving the attention or support they needed, have a fresh start and a chance to learn skills to succeed in the classroom – and the world around them. With support from teachers in classrooms no larger than 12 students per class, students learn to overcome their frustrations, improve their self-esteem, and build academic skills. The Biondi Middle and High School provides educational and therapeutic support to both residential and day students who have behavioral and emotional challenges, learning disabilities, or intellectual/developmental disabilities. We help our students overcome severe academic deficits and complete high school, prepared with the academic and vocational tools they need to enter college and career.


Yearly Tuition: Undisclosed

Application Deadline: N/A

Application Fee: $0

Openings Now: Yes

Accepting Applications: Yes

Interview Required: Yes

Additional Info

Honors Program: No

High School Diploma: Yes

Interaction with Non-LD Peers: No

Extra-Curricular / After School Program: No

Substance Abuse Program: No

Sensory Gym: No

Music: Yes

Arts: Yes

Theater: No

Student Bus Service: Yes


Horrible School

Rated 1.0 out of 5
December 13, 2022

The school offers a wide variety of services for children who are in need but those are only promises. The school fails to hire professional staff that could provide services the children require, such as Speech, OT, counseling, paras, etc. When parents confront the school administrators about their children not receiving what is listed in their IEP’s, administrators do not provide answers and if they do, the parents get mistreated for speaking up or raising concerns. The campus is beautiful and appealing to the eye, but the sad part is that anyone could just walk in without being questioned, the place lacks proper security that could patrol the area. I was able to get into the elementary and High School, walk around the campus and nobody stopped me from going into the buildings. Imagine if I was armed, with intentions of hurting the children.


Bad School

Rated 1.0 out of 5
December 7, 2022

They will change your Childs information on the IEP to benefit the needs of administration. They only need your child for the money. Its two years now and my daughter has no speech therapy or counseling. The school bus system terrible. they don’t deserve a star. This school needs to shut down. They put the students in restraints FACE down to the floor,which is not allowed by the education board NY. The students have disabilities, The treatment they receive is inhumane.

The principal and administration tells lies, don’t believe anything they say. If you have a child in school there remove your child before it is too late. They will find every bad about your child to trap your child in the school. Terrible place to educate your child.


Keep searching, do not send your kid here

Rated 1.0 out of 5
December 6, 2022

Parents many schools out there for your child DO NOT ENROLL WITH RISING GROUND. Major red flag; this school, program organization, whatever it is, changed its name many times. Biondi elementary education center also known as carol & frank school, also known as rising ground, is a coordinated corruption organization. They don’t care about your kid or anybody else’s kid. I’ve been through it all with this school. Be very aware of principal Roland Lewis manipulation!! And just about everyone at this school, including the CEO Alan Mucatel of the rising ground organization; he too will not care about your child. I’ll make this simple, all they’re after is your child’s funding from doe/cse. The principal has an agenda to take your kid and trap them, so forget the goals you’ve set up on your child’s iep. Their main goal is to trap them and portray them as emotional behavioral. They will attempt to change your child diagnosis/classification to be emotionally disturbed. I caught this and did not allow it to happen. I’ve to remind them time after time of my sons diagnosis in which they’ll (social worker Gil) in which she’ll respond as “they’re no importance on stating my sons classification”. Biondi is dysfunctional. my son attended 2021/2022 school year at 6yo in the suppose “Autism program”. I never in my life though I will see such organization/school/administration NOT give a damn about children with disabilities, yet they claim to be caring professionals for those with disabilities. They use people children as cash cows, be aware of them. The principal promised all mandated services to be meet once enrolled. Nothing was ever meet. My son never got his paraprofessional. He barely had services due to the school not having providers. YET, they billed and charged the insurance. This school has a swimming program YET no life guard or swim instructor. THIS SCHOOL HAS NO NURSE! I was told time after time by the office lady HOW she’s been administrating meds due to NOT having a school nurse. They went on all school year without a nurse until the summer program happened. Just when things couldn’t get more ridiculous a ‘school nurse’ leaves me a voicemail saying the following “Hello good morning this is Mrs. Morales the school nurse here at the Biondi school I’m calling regarding N****** um I’m going through his chart here and I see that he supposed to have the albuterol in my office um I don’t have any albuterol pump I don’t know if you sent it to the school um but I’m just updating all my records here so um please give me a call back at 718-794-8215 him and we can discuss him his albuterol thank you so much bye-bye…” transcription copied voicemail JULY 13,2022 Well as you can see, this fake nurse was an entire school year late to ask for my sons albuterol pump. My child came home with bruises, scratches coming down his neck as someone grabbed him by the chest. By the way my son is non-verbal. Therefore, no way I can ask him to express his day at school. He’s expressed his feelings coming home after school by having an ultimate meltdown of crying. I always asked questions, but this school always had an excuse. How he got hurt? Oh we’re not sure probably playing. Why does he have a scratch, oh probably playing. My son got hurt really bad in the gym due to their negligence, he still has a mark by his groin area. When I went to the school to inquire about my sons bruises, they had the high school response staff body block my way to my sons school and threaten to call the police. They also decided to use the crisis room as a discipline room; more like a infirmary room; a psych room. I witnessed how they tossed small children in this room and lock the door. Leave the kid screaming and crying with NO SUPERVISION. (I have recording of this & everything else) I call this place the asylum because it’s far from being a school. My biggest regret, enrolling my 6y/o autistic son in this place.

I wish I can upload all pics and files I have on this school.


Terrible experience! Don’t send you child here!!!

Rated 1.0 out of 5
December 2, 2022

I enrolled my son for 1st grade here. I was lead to believe they had a wonderful program with consistent of animal therapy. My son did not get to reap the benefits of this service. Later on, I find out what kind service dog it was a PITBULL!! They have a sign with the dog’s picture above their fire alarm pull that stated to notify the clinical director prior to fire drills because the service dog is “sound sensitive”. Another thing I encountered was a failed promise to have Physical therapist hired within 2 months of my son’s enrollment and that didn’t happened at all. In fact, by April I had to pick him up earlier from school once a week to take him outside school to take him to PT at a clinic to get his mandate IEP service met. By April, my son’s speech therapist resigned and the clinical director waited until the end of the day (8pm to be exact) to notify me via email of the speech therapist resignation. Very unprofessional. Then the occupational therapist resigned sometime after my son’s IEP meeting. I only found out this information from another parent who’s child is my son’s classmate. The clinical director didn’t notify any parent of this. When any of the therapists are out on medical leave, they do not have coverage to ensure your child continues their mandated IEP services. They charged my son’s Medicaid for services on days the therapist are out on leave, which is fraudulent!! I save the worse for last! Don’t expect copies of incident report on your child when he or she gets hurt or when they go into problem behavior. The school principal will tell all sorts of excuses to why you can’t have them. There was an incident where my child had defecated on himself because the teachers aide didn’t want to take him to the bathroom. The TA told my son to ask his teacher, which he did. The teacher was in the middle of teaching so she told him to ask the TA to take him. The TA simply ignored him and he had the accident. His teacher had to help him get cleaned up. When I brought this to the principals attention, he made a excuse for her by saying that she had to use the restroom herself. This made me very angry. My son was suppose to have paraprofessional with him, but they didn’t hired one until January and when the para did start, his attendance was atrocious. Another incident I had was when I tried to do a pop up to see how my child was doing and to get a copy of his IEP. I met with his teacher. She showed me all the work my child had done. While talking to the teacher, her TA kept stepping out of the room and using her phone. All of a sudden the classroom phone was ringing off the hook and I asked the teacher if she was gonna answer it and she told me no, that the TA can do. Soon after, the principal walks into the classroom a bit annoyed and greeted me and asked if I had an appointment. I said no. I said I came for a copy of my son’s IEP and thought since I was here, I would check on how my child is doing. He proceeded to tell me that I need an appointment. My son’s teacher tried to defend me by saying that a pop up is unannounced. The principal cuts her off by saying hurry along what your show her and see her out. As he walks out the room I see the TA make eye contact with the principal and I see her snickering. I never felt so unwelcome at a school! I was disgusting. It’s also disgusting that teachers who are trying to do the right thing get treated the way my son’s teacher was treated. Back to the TA, this lady was horrible. There was another incident when my son’s teacher was out sick and he had peed on himself. The para at this time was on meal break so she had to help him change his clothes. While he changed, she proceeded to say that if he has accident again, that she will throw his soiled clothes in the dumpster and that his teacher will take his swimming privileges away. One I already know that his teacher uses this for problem behavior and not for toileting accidents. For her to say this was beyond inappropriate and horrible thing to say to a child on the spectrum. When I found out what happened. The very next morning I called the school to speak to the TA to hear her side. Instead, she was dodging my calls. In fact, on one of my attempts, the teacher went to tell her I’m on the phone. The lady left me listening to the classroom background!! By this point, I was getting ready to head over to the school. The principal calls me before I left the door and he said the para can tell me what happened. The para gave me some excuse said that the soiled clothes in the dumpster thing was said by the teacher as a joke. That’s where I cut him off and said no, stop talking. I know for a fact that’s incorrect and that the teacher wasn’t even in and also that he was on meal break so he wasn’t even there. Principal was shocked and said that he will get the TA to speak to me. 3 hours later they call me back and told me lies as well!! ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS THE FUNDING THEY RECEIVE FOR EACH CHILD!!



Rated 1.0 out of 5
December 2, 2022

Don’t ever enroll your child in school here, its entrapment. They will suck your child in don’t teach your child a think. If you decide to remove your child they will fight you not to let your child out. They have no services. The school is a lie. Bad school, the students fight and bring weapons to schools. They have no staff, no teaching materials

Jackie Orjo

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