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Profiles of Students Served

DyslexiaAutismADHDLearning DisabilityBehaviorDown Syndrome

Methodologies Used

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)Cognitive Behavior Therapy


Address: 4436 Engle Rd, Sacramento, CA 95821, United States

Class Information

Grades: Non-Graded

Total Enrollment: 80 Students

Gender: Co-Ed

Residential / Boarding School: No

Day School: Yes

Student to Teacher Ratio: 12:1

State Approved: Yes

Religious Affiliation: No Affiliation

Interaction with Non-Disabled Peers: Yes

Age: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24

IQ: 0-20, 21-35, 36-49, 50-69, 70-80, 81-90, 91+

Enrollment Openings

Grade: No Openings

Age: No Openings

School Bio

Aldar Academy Community, As outlined in our Continuity Plan, we will be bringing students back in waves, based on priority group assignments, and parent/family/caregiver interest. As we bring back a group, we will need 2 stable weeks prior to beginning planning for the next group; and a minimum of 15 calendar days between each new starting group of students. We appreciate everyone’s patience and continued commitment to our remote learning platform as we safely bring students back to in-person learning in a measured way. We are very proud of the work and dedication displayed by our teams. Each of our classrooms has designed, and is implementing a stronger, more robust and rigorous remote learning plan for our students this school year. Additionally, many students have received direct 1:1 or small group support either on our campus or within the community to aid in their access to remote learning and overall well-being. As we begin this process of bringing students back to campus, we are committed to continuing our strong communication, and appreciate the many tasks our educators are balancing in order to ensure strong educational supports and learning across multiple mediums. As students return to campus it will be imperative that parents/caregivers send their student DAILY with the included Daily Health Screening form. Students will not be able to enter the Aldar Academy transport vehicle without the completed form AND daily temperature check. We anticipate the following: • Priority Groups A and B will be returning for in-person learning/hybrid approach first (separately). • Priority groups C and D will be returning for in-person learning/hybrid approach first (separately). • Priority groups R; or families electing to stay remote) will continue on their remote learning program while the other priority groups continue on campus instruction. As we set into this year, we knew it would be a challenge in balancing the varying demands, ensuring the safety of our community, and delivering high quality education in a minimally disruptive way. Thank you to everyone for your continued support; your engagement, and your commitment in our success in both our remote learning and our in-person designs. As a reminder, if you would like to review our "Continuity Plan" please feel free to look at the attachment; that also went to homes (via driver and/or USPS) Friday 10-30-20. A copy was also emailed to those who requested it. This same plan was submitted to individual School Districts for review and approval on October 13, 2020. There are 1 Files Available COVID-19 UPDATES The Sacramento County Office of Education and the Sacramento County Office of Public Health announced that all Sacramento school districts will be going to full time distance learning for August and September. In their announcement they cite surging cases in the county and limited testing capacity. You can find the announcement here: Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic Aldar Academy has followed the guidance of our public health departments. We understand that this news may be a significant disappointment to our families and staff that were excited to welcome students back to campus. Based on this new guidance, Aldar Academy will focus our efforts to deliver a high quality education via distance learning. We will continue to work with public health officials to bring students back to school when we can safely do so.


Yearly Tuition: Taken care of by the District

Application Deadline:

Application Fee: $0

Openings Now: Yes

Accepting Applications: Yes

Interview Required:

Additional Info

Honors Program: No

High School Diploma: Yes

Interaction with Non-LD Peers: Yes

Extra-Curricular / After School Program: No

Substance Abuse Program: No

Sensory Gym: No

Music: Yes

Arts: Yes

Theater: Yes

Student Bus Service: Yes


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