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Drug and alcohol counseling Autism ADHD


Address: 27 Catoonah St, Ridgefield, CT 6877

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Many Physicians, including Psychiatrists in CT, are constrained by 15-minute appointments. They are under pressure to simultaneously evaluate a patient while maintaining computerized records. This often leaves many families feeling rushed and unheard. Dr. Khalil believes that Psychiatry is a complex medical specialty where great results come from taking the time to listen to patients and their families, to fully learn the patient’s history, and to hear their underlying concerns. Dedicating time to the doctor-patient relationship also allows the patient to get to know Dr. Khalil (fondly referred to by his patients as Dr. Bob). Our patients tell us that Dr. Khalil’s easy demeanor, generous heart, and ability to speak in terms they understand are key to building a trusting relationship which makes them feel comfortable confiding in their psychiatrist. We invite you to meet Madison, our Pet Therapist who is an integral part of our team!

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