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Audiologists for Auditory Processing


Address: 2975 Westchester Ave, Purchase, NY 10577

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Hearing Healthcare and Wellness is important for all ages. Choosing a hearing healthcare professional is one of the most important decisions parents of a hearing-impaired child or a hearing-impaired adult can make. Since hearing aids cannot be prescribed like eyeglasses, proper hearing aid recommendations and fittings are highly dependent on the judgment and skill of the professional selecting the instrument. Here at CRM Audiology, you will get comprehensive professional and personal services that you and your family deserve. Once your hearing is assessed we will begin the selection and dispensing of an appropriate hearing instrument that best meets your or your child’s needs. In addition to providing ongoing support and counseling, we will ensure proper servicing of the hearing instruments. Our philosophy is focusing on the whole person and making hearing solution recommendations to fit lifestyle and personal needs.

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