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Our Mission

All Children Learn believes that ALL children deserve a free and appropriate education. Our advanced search technology helps discover the schools, providers, and advocates that are the right fit for each child to ensure that no matter what the disability or unique situation, all children have the chance to reach their full potential.

Simple to Search. Easy to Discover.

We believe it should be easy to find the right school, provider, or advocate for every child.

We’ve done this by engineering a quick and easy solution that takes the headache out of searching for individualized support for your child’s specific needs — giving everyone easy access to the appropriate resources.

Constant Innovation, for you.

Access to our resources should be at the palm of your hands, and we plan on innovating to roll out more resources for you.

Our History of Advocacy

All Children Learn’s founders have dedicated their careers to helping individuals through education, technology, and advocacy.

John Boyle, ACL’s co-founder, and CEO has built, launched, and grown numerous education technology platforms. John spent most of his early career expanding access to post secondary, higher education by growing a number of education technologies in addition to the largest alternative, verifiable credential technology for those without the traditional education. All in an effort to create opportunities for people.

Gina DeCrescenzo, ACL’s co-founder has dedicated her life to advocating for children with special needs. Gina is the founder and CEO of GDPC, a special education law firm in New York. Through advocacy and litigation, Gina has shaped case-law that impacts thousands of children across the country.

Together, John and Gina envision a future where all children have equal access to appropriate educational services. This vision manifests itself with our work on All Children Learn.

Our Team

Access to our resources should be at the palm of your hands, and we plan on innovating to roll out more resources for you.

John Boyle

Co-Founder & CEO

Gina DeCrescenzo

Co-Founder & Chief Advocate

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